As you are aware from the previous post the Ballynagran Small Grant Scheme is open once again.

We are aware that a number of households are interested in installing a Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) solution.

These are solar panels normally mounted on the roof which generate electricity.

This electricity can be used to reduce your mains electricity consumption with any excess electricity being used to heat water (it is not economic to export excess electricity to the grid).  

This approach can offer a flexible and low maintenance alternative to installing Solar Thermal (the more usual tubes or panels mounted on the roof to heat water only).

There are pluses and minuses to both approaches.

PV converts to Electricity

PV converts to Electricity

We are arranging surveys for Solar PV with a number of vendors and if you are interested in a PV solution we suggest you contact these vendors, or other vendors of your choice, to be included in the surveys and quotes to support your grant application. 

If you would like more information on Solar Thermal, a presentation from one of these vendors, including outline pricing, is shown below and is available for download at here

Some advantages of a Solar PV solution vs. Solar Thermal.

 – More Flexible – produces Electricity to displace mains electricity use with any excess used to heat water  (amount of electricity will depend on Sun and brightness)

 – No regular maintenance required

 – Long lifespan – guarantees can be 15 to 20 years with useful working life of 30 years.

 – Simple to install / minimum disruption  – no pipes, fluids or new water cylinders needed.

– Some simple additional wiring and a controller is all that is required.

 – There are no issues with over temperature during holiday periods and no mechanical pumps or fluids to cause concern.

– PV panels will sit quite happily if no power is being used.   

Some disadvantages of Solar PV solution vs. Solar Thermal.

 – No additional SEAI grant available for PV  (a significant SEAI grant of €1,200 is available for Solar Thermal).

 – PV panels will typically take up more space on the roof than Solar Thermal.  (2KW of PV would take up approx 14 sq metres –  in a line this would be 8M long  X 1.66M high) – however the panes are very thin and light.

 – if your only interest is heating quantities of water then a Solar Thermal solution with a high capacity water cylinder would be more efficient and effective.    
Details of the 3 vendors we are working with on the above are below and are also contained in the attached word document

John Toomey – Ballyclough, Kilbride
Local PV and Solar Thermal Specialist based in Kilbride
Email: Click Here
Mobile: 087 7977548

Renewable Energy Systems Ltd -Baltinglass
Mark Lowen – Managing Director (he met us in the Beehive to brief us on PV)
Email: Click Here
Main: 059 6451865
Mobile: 086 6775760

SOLAR ELECTRIC – Enniscorthy
Michael Norton – Solar Electric
Email: Click Here
Main: 053 9256 804
Mobile: 085 7199 691

Some informative videos about solar energy can be viewed at this link Solar Energy


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